Let’s Give ‘Em Something To Talk About

Podcasts! Are you a listener? While I have friends who swear by road trip binge listening, I myself have not jumped in feet first. So I decided to dip my toe in the water and I’ve found how fun it can be! Listening is one thing, but I discovered that I LOVE talking to and interviewing others. This fire was lit when I recently had the privilege of being interviewed twice by my dear friend, Lisa Gunshore. She is an all around Wonder Woman who runs the Enlightenment Pie Living website and podcast, as well as being a fourth generation psychic medium. On our first episode, we discussed the challenges that come with being a stay at home Mom and ways to stay motivated. It was so unbelievably freeing to chat with someone who understands your life, but had comments and questions to get me to think outside of the box! Lisa and I followed this up by having an episode featuring our team of fellow Beautycounter consultants, where we talked about the company and its mission of #cleanbeauty and Better Beauty For All! Having five members of our team on the episode showed five different reasons for why we chose Beautycounter, but that we all believe in what the company stands for and how it can benefit YOU!

The links to each of the podcasts can be found here:

Staying Motivated While Staying At Home


Clean Beauty Panel Discussion


And who knows….maybe I’ll start my own podcast? What do you think?!

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