How Do You Have Time For It All?!

First of all, to everyone who read my blog or saw my Instagram post regarding my surgery, I’d like to say thank you for all of the well wishes, prayers and good thoughts for my recovery. It means the world to me and has put a smile on my face when I needed it the most. I’m truly grateful from the bottom of my heart!

One unexpected side effect was the outpouring of suggestions on how to pass the time. I got ideas of what to binge watch on Netflix to books I simply have to read. All of it sounds fabulous! But this morning as I was catching up on the programs I already watch, I thought to myself, “how does anyone have the time for all of this?!” I’ve already made a commitment to myself to read myself to sleep at night, so I’ve got the book part covered. But all of these shows sound so juicy and intriguing and I have no idea how to watch them all. Then to add Amazon, Hulu, Apple TV, Facebook Watch….ahhhhhh! I will say that I have the luxury of being a stay at home Mom, but I have to balance my time between managing my Beautycounter business, a house cleaning schedule and running the kids to and fro.

Who reading this has the magic formula for binge watching shows/documentaries/movies into your own schedules? I’m open to suggestions, ideas or comments on this topic. Seriously, how do you all do it? I applaud you! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

PS-I settled on Dead To Me on Netflix and I LOVE it! My fondness for Christina Applegate won me over!

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