It’s The First Of The Month

I always set an alarm on my phone to clean all of my makeup brushes on the first of every month. Some people may do this routine more often than once a month, but many people don’t do this at all, or at least need a gentle reminder. If you are in the latter half, just think about your makeup tools and how often they touch your face…every day, right?! For the same reason you change your underwear, you need to be cleaning your makeup tools. No gross details necessary, just do it!

I have a fancy yet inexpensive machine that cleans and spins the water out of my brushes, but today I went basic and used the same quick and easy routine for everything. To clean, I use Japonesque Gentle Brush Cleanser.

First, I dampen the sponge or brush under running water.

Then, I swirl the brush around the cleanser and rinse. Squeeze the water out and repeat as necessary.

Lastly, lay all of the brushes and sponges to dry overnight on a clean, dry towel.

Good luck and get cleaning! Your skin will thank you!

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