Battle Of The Blahs

Blah. One small word to describe so much. I realized that I haven’t blogged in awhile. And in less than a week, I begin the last year of my thirties. I’ve never been one to be scared to turn a certain age. I’ve always been content in my life and haven’t felt like I didn’t reach a goal or accomplishment that I had set for myself by said age. But I can appreciate finishing out a decade and seeing the beautiful things that are to come. 

February was a rough month. I had little to no motivation to do even the most basic of things. Couple that with the fact that my husband travels a lot with his job and many of these duties became mandatory for our family’s survival. The moments that we all spent together were so precious that I almost felt as though I tried too hard to make them special. 

That’s when I really dug deep and started to reflect. This decade can pretty much be defined by one word: parenthood. The highs and lows have been unimaginably beautiful and perfectly imperfect. I realized that we as humans tend to dwell more on the negative, even though we are fully aware of the positive events that have taken place. I am learning every day what makes me a good parent, and dare I say it, what makes me a bad one. I realized that if I can focus my energies back to positive thinking on different areas of my life, the other areas will follow suit. Once a week, I pick a part of my life to focus on. I found that if I felt at peace with that area, I was approaching other areas with happiness and ease as well. It hasn’t all been roses, and I know that it is ok to revisit different aspects as needed. I hope that this path will continue for the year “39” of my life and I will be able to enter a new decade with a newfound gratitude and reassurance that I am ok. And that I can be even better. I enjoy watching my kids grow and learn. I love my job and the uplifting work I do with amazing women. Cliches aside, life is pretty darn good!

March came in like a lion for me. I kinda hope it goes out like one too, but with the confidence of one who rules the pack. And a special shout out to my amazing husband, who through hard work, intelligence and a great personality, received a well deserved promotion-the lion leading his pride, although I’m the one who is most proud ❤️

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