We Had Joy, We Had Fun, We Had Seasons In The Sun

I had lunch with a girlfriend the other day, and it was long overdue. We had so much to catch up on, not just about each other, but other friends of ours. I had maybe talked to someone that she hadn’t heard from in awhile or vice versa. Either way, I realized that not only did the entire summer get away from us, but that life was moving way too fast. As we chatted, we reminisced about life when we met; a life before marriage, before kids, even before I met her and was friends with her now husband. A lot has changed over all that time, and the changes were only going to continue.

Later that day, I began to truly reminisce on my time in Colorado and beyond. Since moving here in 2001, I have had some amazing experiences with the awesome friends I made upon moving here. I started to think about who I first met and who is still in my life. Some people moved away, others simply moved on. We’ve all had weddings. There have been some heartbreaking break ups and painful divorces. Kids were joyfully born and tearfully lost, or the dream of parenthood has yet to be fulfilled. Being busy with everything and nothing all at once has become the norm, replacing endless nights and long days of sports, camping or other laughter filled shenanigans. Old friends have made way for new ones and hanging out with the parents of our kids’ friends make life easier and relatable. While I wouldn’t trade all that has led up to this point, I can’t help but wonder; when did we abandon the notion that we could have and do it all? To really keep every date we made, and to answer the phones calls and texts? Or simply to have one extra ounce of energy for any of it? They say as we get older, we grow wiser. I must admit, I don’t feel very smart writing any of this. These truths are hard to admit and a stark reality.

The image attached to this story was taken almost 2 years ago. I can honestly say it was the last time everyone in that picture was all together. They are my original crew, minus and plus a few. To become wiser is to continue learning. If I’ve learned anything from this, it is to make time for your friends, your family, or anyone you really care about. Time is a luxury you can’t buy or sell. We all have our share, so make the most of it. There may not be much room in this crazy head of mine anymore, but I’ll always make space for cherished memories.

Romy’s 40th Birthday Party May 2016

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